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Well, right then. I'm Alan Jackson. I didn't choose the user name, that was my daughter, Maria. I guess she was afraid I'd choose something even more ridiculous, or something that would make her look bad should any of her friends from school stumble on this at any point.

I'd tell you what I do, but as soon as my daughter's little friend Clyde found out what I did, he was bringing his electronics over for me to fix. I'd rather not be branded Mr. Fix-It of the Internet world, so my job will remain safely ambiguous.

(Here my daughter has cut in to say, "Dad, you can't keep a secret for more than five minutes!" Which isn't really fair anymore, but that's a story for when I'm really drunk. And not afraid of retribution.)

Hmm.. what else about me? Well, I'm divorced, with one daughter. Her name is Maria and she's the greatest kid I know and that's not just typical doting daddy speak. She is. Between us, her mother (goes by Chrissie) and me, we managed to make a bad situation and Maria's just taken most of it all in stride. Wish I could say the same for myself. But she lives with me and we recently moved (here Maria's cut in again to remind me not to give out our home address, at which point I'll have to pause and call Sarah to take her off my hands).

I guess that's really all the relevant information a stranger would need.

Or all anyone would really believe, anyway.